HRMA prides itself on exciting, high-quality, innovative and interactive programming at each monthly meeting.  In addition to the variety of timely topics covering the full range of responsibilities handled by human resources professionals each month, HRMA plans and conducts an annual legal update program (usually in the Spring) including roundtable discussions led by local employment law attorney experts.  Other annual events include the Committee Fair (September), which encourages membership involvement and engagement, and the Business Partner Expo (October, as part of the HRMA Conference), which showcases the invaluable products and services that HRMA's business partners can provide to the members.  All human resources professionals -- from students on the one extreme to seasoned C-suite executives on the other end of the spectrum -- will benefit from the education programming offered by the chapter each month.
Meetings from September through May are generally scheduled on the third Wednesday of each month, as either breakfast or dinner meetings at the Renaissance Hotel and Conference Center by the airport.  Summer programs are held at various donated spaces around the metropolitan area and are usually breakfast events.  Occasionally, extremely special programs are held in unique venues such as the 70th Anniversary meeting, which was held at Busch Stadium.  
All programs provide members with either general or strategic recertification credit.  For meetings that combine pre-dinner and dinner presentations, a full two hours of credit can be earned in one evening.  All meetings are great networking and sponsorship opportunities for regular members and business partners.